I studied structural engineering 25 years ago. At one point during all the coursework, I learned that structural members which follow their force diagrams have the most intuitive, visually appealing shapes and make the most efficient use of their materials. Think of the cantilevered form of the Eiffel Tower - you can almost see how the curved iron frame withstands wind forces trying to blow it over. Since then, I have felt that apparel should also be intuitive, visually appealing and be efficient with its use of fabric based on the shape of the person wearing it. That is why I started developing clothes for each of the main body shapes and types that women have.

It was also a time when very few women were engineers. Marketing messages from the brands I shopped did not show women who looked like me or work environments like mine. Over the years, I wanted to start a brand that presents women through images that resonate and inspire professionally. My inspiration is the built environment - yours may be something else. Whatever it is, I hope that you are inspired by the images that reach you.

Despite the challenges I have faced over the last 25 years, I know that I am lucky because I was able to pursue a career in the field that I wanted. I hope you have that same opportunity. And I hope that finding clothes which let you present your best self to the world is as easy as it should be.